Invited Speaker at 11th Global Ophthalmologists Annual Meeting 2017

Dubai, UAE– Anu Khanna, MD was invited to speak at the 11th Global Ophthalmologists Annual Meeting 2017 held on September 25-26, 2017. She delivered a talk titled “Improving Healthcare by Enhancing Education with Virtual Reality: an experiential demonstration of simulations for resident, medical student, and patient education in ophthalmology.”

EyeSim invited to Northwestern University for Medical Student Workshop

Chicago, IL– EyeSim was featured at Northwestern University’s Interdisciplinary Curriculum Phase 2 Ophthalmology Workshop for third year medical students in January 2016. EyeSim software and hardware was transported to Northwestern, where medical students were taught by Anu Khanna, MD and other instructors. Students were extremely enthusiastic about and receptive toward the technology. Read the article here: