IRVINE, Calif., March 25, 2015 – EON Reality, the world leader in Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer for industry, education, and edutainment, together with A Nu Reality today announced it got awarded the Engineering, Construction and Training Award at the Laval Virtual competition for the EyeSim application. EyeSim is an ophthalmic training simulator application and it is designed for educators to use in the classroom for knowledge transfer and for learners to achieve mastery learning through deliberate practice.



A video preview of EyeSim can be seen at here and the EyeSim product brochure can be downloaded HERE. EyeSim is available on Mobile Platforms, Desktop, Ibench Mobile, Icatcher and Ibench.

“It is my honor to accept the Engineering, Construction and Training Award at the Laval Virtual competition,” said Dr. Anuradha Khanna, Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at Loyola University. “Virtual Reality presents the perfect platform for advanced medical education. Complex concepts can be accurately modeled to facilitate learning and lead to quicker understanding than older two-dimensional teaching methods. This is the next step forward in classroom technology.”

“We are extremely excited to receive this award since we believe Virtual Reality based knowledge transfer allows learner to really engage with their material subject,” said Mats W. Johansson, CEO and Co-founder of EON Reality, Inc. “Advanced hardware options allow for a 3D motion tracked experience that offers a truly unique and very valuable immersive learning experience.”