Practice to Precision

EyeSim is designed for educators to use in the classroom for knowledge transfer and for learners to achieve mastery learning through deliberate practice.

Virtual Reality presents the perfect platform for advanced medical education. Complex concepts can be accurately modeled to facilitate learning and lead to quicker understanding than older two-dimensional teaching aides. By bringing virtual reality to medical education, students can get hands on experience and gain valuable practice all without touching a patient or a cadaver.

EyeSim features interactive 3D ocular anatomy with supporting animations that allows users to manipulate and explore the structures of the eye. EyeSim also includes a virtual patient that enables a user to experience pupillary, ocular motility, and cranial nerve dysfunctions. Advanced modules are also available, such as the visual pathway simulator which enables the user to understand how brain damage impacts a patient’s vision.

EyeSim is available on Mobile Platforms, Desktop, Ibench Mobile, Icatcher and Ibench.


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