A Nu Reality EyeSim Mobile

by EON Reality
EyeSim is a realistic, 3D ocular anatomy simulation with interactive features that allows users to explore ocular structures with a 360-degree view with supporting animations. The interactive eye examination enables a user to explore pupillary, ocular motility, and cranial nerve dysfunctions in a virtual patient. A visual pathway simulator enables the user to explore how brain damage impacts a patient’s vision. Optimized for mobile platforms, EyeSim Mobile allows both students and educators to learn about and explore the different parts of the human eye through a simple interface. This provides an opportunity for learners to achieve mastery by learning through deliberate practice in a safe environment.
Virtual Reality presents the perfect platform for advanced medical education. Complex concepts can be accurately modeled to facilitate learning and lead to quicker understanding than older two-dimensional teaching aides. By bringing virtual reality to medical education, students can get hands-on experience and gain valuable practice all without touching a patient or a cadaver. EyeSim Mobile brings to the phone or tablet the sort of experience that was previously restricted to complex hardware & virtual reality displays.


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EyeSim Mobile Tutorial Videos

How to Use, Normal Pupil Exam, Normal Extraocular Movements Exam


Swinging Flashlight Test for a Relative Afferent Pupillary Defect